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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

ATHLETE IQ explores the mantras of Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Nick Faldo and Michael Jordan. Bryant, Jordan and Jackson worked with George Mumford, explore their relationship here.

It is well documented how much investment both Kobe Bryant along with Michael Jordan have placed with working with renowned "Mindfulness Meditation Coach," George Mumford throughout their careers.

George Munford who is the author of "The Mindful Athlete," has also famously worked significantly with Shaquille O'Neal and the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers championship coach Phil Jackson. Jackson credits Mumford with helping establish a golden era of cultural capital that heavily assisted in the Bulls becoming one of the best teams in the modern era.

Mumford himself has an amazing story. He is open about his recover as he suffered from severe addiction and negative self-talk issues early in life. These struggles were pivotal in his journey toward becoming one of the most respected mindset coaches in elite sports. Mumford recalls his struggles by affectionately calling it "stinkin thinkin."

In his book, Mumford explains the process of how he overcame everything and being in rock bottom to later becoming sober for over 31 years. It's hard to argue with his results and methods as the mental health coach played a pivotal role in three of the greatest players, figures in NBA history.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady has five Super Bowl wins, four Super Bowl MVPs, two League MVPs, and is considered one of the best. Thus, he has achieved legendary status in NFL Football. His longevity, however, started from utilizing mental coaching services dating back to his days at The University of Michigan.

Tom currently works with Alex Guerrero, a health and fitness guru who controls Tom Brady's insane daily diet. Most people think that diet is just about food. It is not. It is about anything your mind and body consume, from music, language, liquids, conversation, energy. Part of his mental training has helped his physical longevity. As he also has Tom doing revolutionary fitness training on an anti-gravity treadmill. Brady is a huge believer in the mental aspects of football saying, "To me, football is so much about mental toughness."

For more on Tom Brady and his work with a sport psychologist – check out

Nick Faldo

Faldo, one of the games great golfers has worked with sports psychologist Richard Coop for years. Their relationship paid off with 39 professional wins, 30 victories on the European Tour and six major championships.

Whilst Coop has worked with numerous other famous golfers including Greg Norman, Payne Stewart, and Ben Crenshaw, Faldo has been most vocal in highlighting Coop's involvement and overall importance to his success. Golf is arguably one of the most mentally demanding sports and Coop is all about getting athletes to block out the many mental interferences they encounter saying, "I try to help athletes identify and get rid of interferences that limit their success. Performance equals potential minus interference." For more information on Faldo's work on mental strengthening please see the interview and articles below.

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