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performance enhancement: 

Performance consultations highlight specific characteristics and qualities that are needed to sustain or develop a thriving athlete or team. ATHLETE IQ works with individuals and teams of all levels of experience and capability, with a strong focus on developing and utilising skills required to performing under pressure, especially where an athlete or team are not performing to expected levels.

Individual Adjustment Counseling:

Athletes are limited by unknown factors which prevent them from performing at their best. While athletes spend countless hours improving their physical fitness and skills, many overlook their psychological patterns and behaviours. Giusi Silvestri has extensive experience in unblocking psychological factors which hinder development and performance. Our clients are trained to develop new patterns of thinking which increase their ability to deal with pressure as well as overall performance. Undertaking our program builds resilience; a crucial weapon in maximising performance. Our counseling services extend beyond sports-related issues to support athletes, family members, coaches, and staff facing emotional, behavioral, or relationship difficulties. We address a wide range of concerns such as coping with life stresses, time management, injury recovery, career transitions, eating disorders, substance abuse, and more. Sessions are designed to help each athlete recognise and overcome mental blocks, defeat self-sabotage, and better cope with stress. Specific areas of counselling include:

we are here to help:

ATHLETE IQ will be able to assist with:

  • Assisting athletes with the development of their individual performance potential

  • Helping to regulate arousal, stress, and emotion

  • Improving confidence, commitment, and concentration

  • Developing and refining performance preparation for training and competitions

  • Optimizing recovery and regeneration activity

  • Improving quality decision-making during training and competitive performances

  • Enhancing team dynamics and cohesion

  • Ensuring optimal coach-athlete relations and communication

  • Welfare support when in rehabilitation and ensuring optimal readiness to return to sport


Mental Profiling is ATHLETE IQ's signature service and involves the psychological profiling of athletes, parents, coaches and staff to uncover what is mentally blocking a person from optimum performance. Mental Profiling includes an assessment of:


Reveals and highlights the character strengths of an individual, relevant to their team or individual sport.

Cognitive Processing

Measures how quickly and readily an individual can comprehend, process and apply new information and skills.

Emotional Intelligence

Measures values and emotions, and natural responses to high stress situations. Uncovers internal barriers to success, and discovers how an individual adapts, adjusts and responds in a conflict situation and to other people.

Personal growth initiative scale

Personal growth initiative is a person's active and intentional involvement in changing and developing as a person.

Profiling Values and Motivational Inventory

Reveals what is important to an individual and  what motivates them to improve.

flourishing scale

The Flourishing Scale is a brief 8-item summary measure of the respondent's self-perceived success in important areas such as relationships, self-esteem, purpose, and optimism. The scale provides a single psychological well-being score.

Sport Stadium


ATHLETE IQ provides parenting guidance for families with young elite athletes.


ATHLETE IQ offers a variety of workshops specifically focused around building mental strength & resilience.  Given in a professional & friendly environment, sessions emphasise the importance of training both mind & body to achieve optimal performance. These are suitable for schools, organisations & corporations of all professional areas.


Whether you’re a sporting club, organisation or individual athlete, ATHLETE IQ provides holistic strategy and advisory services tailored to suit your particular problems and required outcomes.

individual performance enhancement


We assess an athlete's current mental skills and develop personalized training programs to enhance specific areas. Our one-on-one sessions incorporate relaxation training, motivation techniques, imagery, self-talk exercises, neuro feedback concentration training, goal setting, and more. We also collaborate with coaches and family members when necessary to ensure a comprehensive approach.

Performance Enhancement for Non-Athlete Performers


Our expertise extends beyond athletes to include musicians, performing artists, and executives who face performance pressure. The tools and techniques we utilize with athletes can be effectively applied to enhance performance in other domains.

Referral Service


If necessary, we evaluate clients and provide referrals to other appropriate treatment professionals and facilities. Our referral network includes sports medicine specialists in clinical psychology, physical therapy, and orthopedics, as well as mental health specialists in eating disorders and substance abuse.

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