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Every Situation is Unique

There is no one size fits all approach to enhancing performance. In the space of improving productivity, training environment, performance and wellbeing, our service is tailored to your desired goals and outcomes. Our team has extensive experience in unblocking factors which hinder development and performance.


Our clients are trained to develop new patterns of thinking which increase their ability to deal with pressure as well as overall performance. Our team recognises that athletes are engaged under immense internal and external pressures which may increase the risk of mental health and general well-being problems.


This may result in poor and or inconsistent performance, increased risk of physical injuries, increased risk of performance anxiety and thus troubles in interpersonal relationships. Our team has vast experience working with athletes transitioning out of sport, athletes that develop substance misuse or problem gambling. She encourages all parents, athletes and coaches to seek help early for mental health issues just like they would for any physical health issue.


Helping to regulate arousal, stress and emotion

Attention Control

Managing Expectations

Emotions and Anger Management

Motivation and Arousal


performing under pressure and performance anxiety

Improving quality decision-making during training and competitive performances

Confidence and Self-Belief

Reduce anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and feelings

the 5 C continuem

Improving character, confidence, commitment, concentration & connection

team dynamics

Enhancing team dynamics and cohesion

Ensuring optimal coach-athlete relations and communication

Develop Leadership Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Handling Setbacks

Elite behaviour

Developing and refining performance preparation for training and competitions

Optimizing recovery and regeneration activity

return to sport 

Welfare support when in rehabilitation and ensuring optimal readiness to return to sport

Resilience Program

Positive Mental Health Program

Image by Josh Calabrese

our approach

Our services take an approach of positivity through positive psychology and PERMA in cultivating performance and wellbeing. Many situations are approached from a problem-solution mentality, and whilst we specialise in solving problems, we encourage a pro-active and solution focused coaching methodology instead of a reactive focused process. Encouraging a positive, preventative and an overall desire to develop mental fitness and strength within performance consulting, we aim to build resilience as we believe it provides best results. Training the mind and developing resilience thinking is done so through treating the brain like a muscle, with repitition at the forefront of our program.


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