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8 week Sleep Hygiene and Optimisation Program

  • 8Weeks


Thank you for engaging in ATHLETE IQ’s SLEEP OPTIMISATION PROGRAM for Elite Athlete’s. With the aim to promote Wellbeing and to enable performance and health outcomes. We aim to provide high quality, evidence based, professional assessment, advice, and care. Within this course is the following. 1. Quality Sleep Guidelines 2. Your individual Sleep Optimisation Action Plan 3. Your Quality Sleep Questionnaire, results and scoring sheet 4. Resources Please note that this plan has been created with evidence-based solutions with affiliation from the WELLBEING SCIENCE INSTITUTE (RTO ID; 45222) and through research conducted at Australian Catholic University ---------- Quality sleep is not only a performance enhancer, but also vital for recovery, helps preventative disease and assists motor learning and learning retention. Moreover, receiving at least 7.5 hours of quality sleep each night significantly reduces the risk of injury (soft tissue). Sleep directly enhances an individual’s learning ability, memory, and retention. Research shows that learning ability of sleep deprived individuals reduced by 40% compared to these who have >8 hours sleep. Sleep also plays a key role in brain and body functionality, overall health, and the functioning of the immune system. Research has shown that reduced sleep hours, vital immune functions that fight off disease and cancerous cells, infections are diminished by up to 70%.

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