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Career and Post Career Transitions

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We are a team of successful former athletes, commercial and industry experts in our field and our organisation understands the importance of successfully transitioning from a sporting career to a life that is meaningful and rewarding. In conjunction with our Athlete IQ Player Welfare Manager, Giusi Silvestri, our team has developed a thorough and carefully considered one on one career development framework for your career transition. We safeguard aspiring, elite and transitioning athletes to diligently prepare for this journey by undertaking a proactive transition from a world dominated by sport to new opportunities that is fuelled by your passions, interests, values and purpose. This will allow you to lead a fulfilling, confident and high-value life both personally and professionally. Our ultimate goal is to help each athlete acknowledge, prepare and articulate the transferable skills you have inherently possessed and by doing so enable and empower you with a self-belief mindset that you can succeed in - whatever you choose in your professional journey. We are impassioned about managing the financial and emotional journey that can come with this change and trust that finding a satisfying career after sport is the best way to manage transition anxiety, consolidate financial security and importantly ensure clarity and peace of mind so our athletes can sustain and develop authentic, valued and purposeful lives. Starting from $149.

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