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AN ELITE wellbeing AND performance



Athlete IQ is dedicated to revolutionizing athletic performance by empowering athletes at all levels to overcome mental and physical challenges, unlocking their full potential as elite competitors.


With a cutting-edge, evidence-based approach to elite wellbeing athlete management and coaching, Athlete IQ is committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in sports science.


By offering a comprehensive range of services, including wellbeing education and programs, sports psychotherapy, counseling, mental fortification, physical strength and conditioning, and sports nutrition, Athlete IQ aims to enhance performance and ensure long-term success.

Track and Field Athlete

our focus

Athlete IQ centres around an individual's and teams path to success. We initiate performance and development discussions, delving into their intentions, agendas, key focus areas, and how they align with their current role. Our aim is to foster awareness of the necessary processes that can amplify opportunities for future excellence in their field. Through thorough evaluation of expectations and standards, Athlete IQ strives to formulate best practices for performance and wellbeing, enhancing both the mental game and commitment to excellence for our clients within their psychosocial domain.

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We are focused on delivering solution focused coaching, and are committed to educating our

clientele on teaching the skills of flourishing. 


  • There are so many benefits in going through our wellbeing programme that we offer at Athlete IQ; from better relationships to more authentic connections with yourself and or your sport, to improvements in discipline, culture and integrity, these programs are designed not only for individuals, but for whole organisations to focus on their people.


  • We aim to develop whole person potential, with real skills for personal growth, resiliency, competency and authenticity for themselves and their sport. We are goal orientated creatures, and our aim is to create autonomy, mastery, and purpose for our athletes using Personal Growth Initiatives. We develop better people through using principles that are evidence-based like positive psychology and self-determination theory that are athlete centric and focused. 

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