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Competencies for Effective Coaching:

  • 4Weeks


Designed for coaches who aspire to elevate their interpersonal & professional skills. Coaches explore key skills, tailored to equip you with necessary expertise to thrive as an advanced coach, enabling you to excel in coaching at both amateur & elite levels. Diving into Transformational Coaching & habits that effective coaches posses, the 4 sessions: 1. How to Identify Psychological blocks in your Athletes. 2. Working with Resistant Parents. 3. Integrating the Athletes Brain to Improve Quality of Performance. 4. Explicit vs Implicit Coaching: Using each & how to Read your Athlete. Coaches will: Enhance cognitive skills necessary to review, analyse, consolidate & synthesise knowledge within the context of coaching. Develop the ability to identify & deliver innovative solutions to complex problems that arise in coaching scenarios. Foster the advancement of specialized technical & creative skills specific to sport coaching & practice. Coaches will refine their abilities, allowing them to excel in their own coaching style. Refine their communication skills, effectively demonstrating their comprehension of theoretical concepts. This includes the development of effective communication strategies to convey complex knowledge & ideas clearly & compellingly. Cultivate skills that seamlessly transfer intricate knowledge & ideas & will learn to adapt their coaching style to suit the needs & backgrounds of various individuals, ensuring successful knowledge transfer.

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